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May Team Bingo at Bingo Gringo

Posted by paulu

This May, Bingo Gringo’s awesome team bingo promotion kicks off with a bang! There is a whole new month ahead to play and win as many games as possible! The rules are simple; players simply need to form teams of four players in total, and choose a name for their team. Once the team has been determined, teams send their team name to management by no later than the seventh of the month. Teams then need to try and get as many bingo wins as they can on this pattern during the month of entry. The team with the most wins will get a massive 1,000,000 LP prize, with second to tenth place winners also receiving excellent prizes. In the event of a tie, teams will play a special game on the T pattern, with the winning team taking the Team Bingo title.

The May leader board is looking good so far, with the following teams battling it out for first place:
1. All- Or- Nothing
3. Mary’s Angels
4. Williams Witches
5. Leaders of the Pack
6. theluckybods
7. minisminxs
9. The Bizz
10. Tree Toppers

For more information on this promotion, visit Bingo Gringo and play bingo to stand a chance of winning!

Online Bingo Side Game Winners

Posted by paulu

Bingo Gringo has had some fantastic online bingo side game winners lately, with huge cash prizes being won! With over 40 games on offer, players can take their pick from favourites such as Bejewelled and X-Factor Slots, Quickfire Lotto, Bee Happy, Arcade Horses, Multiplier, Hi/Lo, Hollywood Stars as well as a host of others – instant wins, slots, super slots, scratch cards and table games to name but a few. For those who prefer a bit of high rolling action, there are also thrilling casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette, not to mention a wide range of multi–line and video slots for players seeking to spin a win.

Recent winners have included the following lucky players:
• “soppycow40″ won £3000
• “foundya” won £2013
• “donnab2″ won £2013
• “outofit25″ won £2000
• “shamwa” won £2000

Playing the games is simple; players merely need to logon to a game of bingo, and lookout for the instant games section where they can access all the games on the site directly. Prizes range from a few quid to the huge money prizes, with plenty of chances to win big with these great instant win games.

New Online Bingo Slots Games

Posted by paulu

Bingo Gringo has some exciting new online bingo games for players to try, both of which are set to offer thrill-a-minute fun and wins! The all new multi-line video slots games include X-Factor and Bejeweled, and offer excellent payouts, loose reels and hours of action. The new games can be accessed from the game lobby; simply click on the game to open. Payouts can be viewed on the pay tables, and range from small to massive cash prizes. Stakes vary depending on the game, visit Bingo Gringo now for details.

Multi-line video slots are the ultimate in slots gaming technology, and as instant games go, these are some of the most popular games to be found. With the ever-increasing X-Factor craze, players stand their chance to step into the limelight with a massive slots win – or those that prefer to get their bling on, the Bejeweled game offers a highly entertaining and easy to play game that is a must to try. Play slots games at Bingo Gringo today and spin yourself a massive win!

Instant Win Games At Bingo Gringo

Posted by paulu

With over 40 instant win games to choose from at Bingo Gringo, and a host of fantastic prizes up for grabs, players are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to games! From scratch cards to pull tabs, slots, Arcade Horses, Bee Happy, Multiplier and many others, there is something for everyone to play and win big.

Here are some of the recent instant game winners at Bingo Gringo:
• henthewitch won £2014
• flossyjazz won £1782
• CLEOPATRA1st won £1782
• esentuki won £1241
• number1nana won £1041

To stand your chance to see your name in lights with a fantastic instant game win, make sure you get to Bingo Gringo today and play instants as you enjoy your regular bingo games online!

Halloween Spooktacular Online Bingo Winners

Posted by paulu

Lucky online bingo players at Bingo Gringo recently won big in the Halloween Spooktacular competition! One lucky player, kingKong26 won £350 worth of holiday vouchers, while an additional nine other players each won fantastic bonus points prizes of 10,000 points each! These bonus points can be used to buy more cards; this is an absolute godsend in these tough financial times, especially with Christmas around the corner and gifts to buy.

The Halloween Spooktacular promotion ran from October 19th up until November 2nd, and during this time players had to rack up wins to stand a chance to win fantastic prizes. At the end of the promotion, the winners with the most points were tallied up to determine who would win this promotion. With a superb £350 worth of holiday vouchers, kingKong26 is sure to have an excellent holiday time – and just in time for Christmas too! Make sure you check out the current promotions at Bingo Gringo to see how you can win bingo this month!